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Q. What is Karate?
Traditional Karate is a beautiful, ancient, weaponless art of self defense thought to have originated is Okinawa during the Middle Ages, and was influenced by Chinese martial arts. In the early seventeenth century the Japanese Satsuma clan occupied Okinawa and imposed severe restrictions on the native population, including a ban on weapons. Karate was practiced in secret, and the art became essential to the survival of many Okinawans, who had no other means of protecting themselves and their families from bandits and occupying forces.

In 1922 Master Gichin Funakoshi introduced karate to Japan, demonstrating in Tokyo at the National Athletic Champianships. In the early 1930's Master Funakoshi had established his own school in Tokyo. Funakoshi practiced calligraphy under the pen name Shoto, and his students referred to the school as Shotokan, which means "Shoto's School". Eventually, Funakoshi's system of Karate came to be known as Shotokan-ryu , and is one of the four major systems of traditional Karate practiced today.
Q. What style of Karate does Midwest Karate teach?
At Midwest Karate traditional Shotokan Karate is taught.
Q. Is Karate a contact sport?
We train in a style of Karate that is non-contact.
Q. What sorts of things will students do in a typical class?
Most trainning consist of three main things, Kihom (basics), Kata (Logical arrangements of blocking, punching, striking and kicking techniques in certain set sequences.) and Kumite(sparring). Training will always start with a warm up and stretching. Some strength training, self defence and other activites will also be included.
Q. Will I Train with people my own age?
Classes are divided into age groups. we also offer beginner and advanced classes, as well an all age class on saturdays so that famillies can train together.)
Q. How old do you have to be to join?
We have a wide range of classes to support many different ages. Anyone ages four and older are able to join.


COVID-19 Restrictions

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My first thought when my 9 yr old son wanted me to join Karate with him was "I'm 42, I'm way too old to start learning Karate...all that kicking and punching and probably a lot of exercising."

But, I really wanted to do an activity with my boy so we researched different clubs and because of the quick responses to our inquiries we joined Midwest Karate. There was a one hour "Family Class" on Saturdays which was perfect for us.

I say "us" but one hour a week didn't sound so bad for me. With just a few classes in I was immediately impressed with Sensei Minarik and the assistant instructors, all are positive influences and great with the students.

I was also impressed with the way my body was moving....I wasn't feeling so broken down all the time. I could really tell my energy levels were up throughout the day, especially at work.

Well, it's been over a year and a half and I'm 44 now. I feel great physically and mentally and try to get to class at least two, sometimes three times a week. My daughter has also joined and now the three of us go to the Family Class.

I'm proud to say that Karate has become a part of my family's lifestyle. I'm proud of me and my children as we progress to higher ranks and I'm happy I finally realized that I am not that old.

- Rob Miller

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