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Please Note, there will be no Saturday 4-6 or Youth class for the months of July and August. All other class times will remain the same throughout the summer months.


My first thought when my 9 yr old son wanted me to join Karate with him was "I'm 42, I'm way too old to start learning Karate...all that kicking and punching and probably a lot of exercising."

But, I really wanted to do an activity with my boy so we researched different clubs and because of the quick responses to our inquiries we joined Midwest Karate. There was a one hour "Family Class" on Saturdays which was perfect for us.

I say "us" but one hour a week didn't sound so bad for me. With just a few classes in I was immediately impressed with Sensei Minarik and the assistant instructors, all are positive influences and great with the students.

I was also impressed with the way my body was moving....I wasn't feeling so broken down all the time. I could really tell my energy levels were up throughout the day, especially at work.

Well, it's been over a year and a half and I'm 44 now. I feel great physically and mentally and try to get to class at least two, sometimes three times a week. My daughter has also joined and now the three of us go to the Family Class.

I'm proud to say that Karate has become a part of my family's lifestyle. I'm proud of me and my children as we progress to higher ranks and I'm happy I finally realized that I am not that old.

- Rob Miller

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Email us: midwestkaratesk@gmail.com
Call Us: (306) 382-7434
Or Visit Us At: 302B Wall Street, Saskatoon SK
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