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Sensei Mark Minarik

Main Instructor


Sensei Mark Minarik is a 6th degree black belt registered with the International Traditional Karate Federation, under Hidetaka Nishiyama. He is currently ranked as a Provincial Level A, National level A, and an International Level B official with the respective Traditional Karate governing bodies. 

As an athlete, our instructor has been involved in the art of Traditional Karate since 1978.

Provincially he has held the title of kumite champion for 10 consecutive years, 1990 -1999, as well as kata champion for numerous years.

Nationally, he has been kata and kumite champion for multiple years.

Has been a National Team member from 1986 to 2004.

Internationally, he has received gold medals in Pan American and silver medals in the World Championships.

Provincial and National team coach.

Selected as a World Cup Athlete.

Provincial, National, and International seminar Instructor.

Sensei Minarik is also a well established Registered Massage Therapist. This background gives him an innate understanding of the human body, how it works, how to create power and energy, and how to minimize the chance of injury through correct movement and proper core stabilization.

Bryce Nagy

Assistant Instructor


Kelly Watts

Assistant Instructor



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My first thought when my 9 yr old son wanted me to join Karate with him was "I'm 42, I'm way too old to start learning Karate...all that kicking and punching and probably a lot of exercising."

But, I really wanted to do an activity with my boy so we researched different clubs and because of the quick responses to our inquiries we joined Midwest Karate. There was a one hour "Family Class" on Saturdays which was perfect for us.

I say "us" but one hour a week didn't sound so bad for me. With just a few classes in I was immediately impressed with Sensei Minarik and the assistant instructors, all are positive influences and great with the students.

I was also impressed with the way my body was moving....I wasn't feeling so broken down all the time. I could really tell my energy levels were up throughout the day, especially at work.

Well, it's been over a year and a half and I'm 44 now. I feel great physically and mentally and try to get to class at least two, sometimes three times a week. My daughter has also joined and now the three of us go to the Family Class.

I'm proud to say that Karate has become a part of my family's lifestyle. I'm proud of me and my children as we progress to higher ranks and I'm happy I finally realized that I am not that old.

- Rob Miller

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